Yes I am a fashion stylist and this blog is about fashion about what I wear .. every body type is different and everyone's style is different. On my blog, I share my style but with something different something extra.
I am all about positivity and vibes.  And I wanna share some of the good vibes through all my post and make it about fashion + positivity.
1st let's talk about what I am wearing ...
I am wearing a stalking as my top ( yes those are my stalkings if you want a DIY for that comment below) and a brallet on the top, with a beautiful skirt. I am obsessed about gold color accessories so if you are confused how to uplift your look wear gold color bold accessories and don't forget to throw on a watch on every single look because watch can instantly make you look classy more sincere, discipline and glam you up.  And not to forget this pouch from daily objects is actually a pouch for maybe cosmetics or jewelry or whatever but I took it as my bag and it looks dope isn't it.

-Top – DIY stalking from the local market
-Jewelry – Goomad
-Watch – Guess
-Footwear - Punjab Shoes (Moti Nagar)
-Bag - Daily Objects


Now talking about something positive ...
Smile as easy this word is, it is getting more difficult to get a real one on your face. Yes, we can fake it easily on social media daily and most of us do that.
And I do understand everyone says you should smile, it is the key to look your best be positive, to be happy and what they don't tell us is how to do that with so much of struggles and problems that we go through daily.
So a tip that I would like to share is
Write down only 5 best things that are good in Ur life it can be anything family, a friend, your career, your house and lifestyle, your partner, a cup of coffee that u drink, anything like literally anything and only 5 things and then think about how it makes you happy the moment's your memories with that . And I bet, you will smile not just for a photograph but by 💗 and soul.

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