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I still, remember when I got my first leather jacket. I had wanted one for years, but I was never sure that I could really pull it off. When I thought of leather jackets, I thought of tough girls with biker look and perfect body type. I’m a short healthy girl with a baby face, I definitely didn’t think I could wear one without looking funny.
But here I am with the leather jacket in my wardrobe and I wish to collect all colors and styles and know I am sure I can pull it off.

Well, this was a look that I shot in Nainital precisely Country Inn, Bhimtal. Love that place. Country Inn is an amazing resort with nothing nearby so you can only go there if you want to chill, swim, play some indoor games and just enjoy.
Living in Delhi, the metropolitan city with traffic all the time Nanital was a much-needed break but you know I can’t leave fashion whatsoever so here is my another look flaunting my new leather jacket from ginger, still short and healthy with the same baby face and pulling it off like a babe.(KIDDING )


 Store Time#Shopping

Bag- GooMad(Instagram
Leather Jacket: Ginger 
Footwear  - Kins/Klove (Rajouri Garden market)
Shades- GooMad(Instagram
Necklace- GooMad( )
Hat - Forever 21 
Top -Ginger

Wrapping It Up

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So my friends: Stay cool, Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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