Street Style Store

Street Style Store

‘Keep your head, heels and standards high.’ – Lola Stark

  I am sure you have heard about this quote,
  and I am a shoe lover that means yeah so I believe that too. And that means I know different shoe heaven, one of them  is here -SSS,an awesome money saving place to buy your heels , shoes , flats basically footwear from . Well, mostly I have got flats and shoes from SSS. BUT this site not only offer footwear but also bags, accessories and clothing . 

  Talking about the collection , they have a mix collection with the minimal range where I am in love with some products,whereas some of them are not good. Frankly, it also depends on the choice as well (Something I might love u may not like). But overall they have mix collection and also Indian and western both (Indian footwear like kola puris and kurtas). 
  Every brand has its pros and cons and this one doesn't have that huge collection as in the quantity, so you don't have much of choices .

Pricing and Quality
  The pricing is pretty nice , not very expensive but the quality is fine actually, some of the products are of great quality but some are just like one or two  season product but worth the money.
  Bags :300 to  2k
Jewellery :500 to 2k
Footwear : 399 to 1500
Clothing :399 to 2k


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