Sun is on our head all the time, it's hot like crazy and going shopping with denim and all , oo never , easy go shopping look.
A long dress, scarf on a head as a headcover and a style piece, simple flats from Zara and a small sling bag for some essentials . And so I am ready to leave ... 

I believe shopping should be in the most comfortable and easy go attire .So here is my shopping go look , for more : what to wear for shopping looks check out my Pinterest board on stylerunway22
           Key Tip :
A healthy tip is coconut water the summer drink 

Store Time#Shopping

Dress : G.K market
Skirt : Rajouri Garden market
Footwear : Zara
Shades : Sprit 
Sling Bag : Forever 21
Scarf : Sarojini Market

Wrapping It Up

For now, that’s it will come back with more looks and styles.
Keep reading, and do feel free to ask questions. You can visit my Facebook page…inbox me/tweet me/mail me/ snap chat me :stylerunway22.

So my friends : Stay cool, Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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