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Today's post is about shopping dos and don't's :


If you go for shopping because its sale, only shop for staple pieces that are the basic garments which look and can be paired up with anything anytime like a trench coat,  a denim shirt,  basic white t-shirts or the statement Footwear.

Carry a huge shopping bag until and unless you want to flaunt your shopping bags,  carrying one bag so that you won't feel messy and irritated.

For girls :Wear the best-fit bra from your wardrobe as wearing the wrong bra may spoil the look of the beautiful dress that you are trying and you may just have to leave the perfect dress because you thought the fit was not good and actually the bra was the problem.
For guys : wear an under t-shirt to know the good fit of the top you are buying .

The last do is, do shopping  if it makes you happy but buy stuff that's worth buying and for that make a shopping list on your phone and list down the things you wanna buy.
You can list it, when you are sitting in a restaurant and you look at a beautiful lady with an amazing hat you like it and you think you don't have it and it might look good with that dress in your wardrobe, yes my darling list that down, ok guys, same goes for you,  if you too are a shopaholics.


Don't go for shopping just because you don't find anything in your wardrobe to wear every morning or occasion when actually your wardrobe is full of clothes.

Don't shop just because the item is on sale : that's a big no no
Stop that immediately people.As sale will visit your door every season and even more. 

Don't Wear heals or the fancy shoes  you might end up  getting tiered and with no shopping bags in your hands,  ya you guys too "what are you giggling at" even guys should wear simple flats and preferably the slip-ons which will help you people to save time with those shoe laces.

Don't wear gell or makeup,  obviously you should look good all the time people but these things are not meant for shopping days,  you are trying out some stuff today you don't wanna spoil the store garment or accessories more over you gotta know what looks good on you without all that because these things are meant to enhance your look.

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