KOOVS.COM -The Top Most Fashion E-commerce site of INDIA

Are you a fashion lover and just wanna fill your wardrobe with all things fashion and the latest trendy stuff, then go ahead and click on KOOVS.COM
Inspired by the international runways and the global street ,friendly prices, right to your doorstep.
KOOVS.COM is a First online store for western fashion, catering to menswear and womenswear.
Products: Clothing, Bags, Accessories, Footwear, Watches, Beauty Products, Jewellery, Fragrances

First things First - Its the top most only fashion online website in India, You don't believe me check out the positives.
1. Fringe Bags and Graphic Bags - 2016 Trends

2.Celebrity Style -2016 



Koovs has interacted with their customers in a very interesting ways, Upload a photo wearing your outfit from KOOVS.COM on Instagram, tag them and use #KOOVSXYOU to get featured on their website. 

4.500INR OFF
When you sign up first  you get 500 INR off on the purchase of 1st order worth rupees 1499.

With the good points always come the bad ones as no one is perfect :

1. The Quality 

The quality koovs is providing is trend based as in the pieces don't last more than a season until and unless you know the brand : I ordered this coat -VILA Leopard Print Soft Coat which is amazing the quality is awesome but the top I ordered - INFLUENCE Ribbed Cold Shoulder Top was not so good and definitely not for summers,so I got the refund.
 SO Yeah I had both the experiences .But overall I would love to be the regular shopper of the site .

All other detailed specifications about the brand and the  products are available on KOOVS.COM .You can check them out here :

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