Perfect Stripes

Hi, Friends !!!
Yeah so meet my 2nd  client/friend Nidhi Sharma.
O god, this lady my friends is a crazy shopaholic, hence the movie shopaholic is just for you Nidhi.
Well, also she is a sweetheart and an amazing fashion designer.

                                              Some Shopping and some styling lead you to a Confident You 

Nidhi Sharma has Neat hour glass body type
The trick for this body type is wearing -whatever you want honey, live your life enjoy look sexy have fun .

Sneak Peak#The Look
Nidhi is wearing a Koovs Long dress, she has a perfect body type with thin long neck and so
high neck dress is looking beautiful on her with just a wristband and forever 21 black platform sandals.

For today that's it. If you want me to enhance your style too you can contact me on my email
you can go on the given link for the detail of the procedure.

Keep reading, and do feel free to ask questions. You can visit my Facebook page…inbox me/tweet me/mail me.


So my friends: be cool, be awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3  

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