होली है !!

होली है !!!!

Happy Holi !!

Hi, friends...

 It's Holi and let's play Holi with style .
Holi is also known as the Festival of colours in India. It is a spring festival and perhaps the happiest and most colourful religious festival of the Hindus but obviously everyone can play .
Before I go on talking about the look let me tell you , Holi is my favourite festival , I just don't miss it ever like ever . come on it's like seeing a rainbow on land rather than staring at it in the sky . 
Now getting to the exciting part .What's your plan, what are you wearing ??

WELL!!!!! Let me share my look -

I am wearing shorts with a top and my smart Adidas sneakers , adding a long chain . Keeping it minimal but LiL dramatic ,I am also wearing my shades and head scarf. yay yay :D 

You know what's the fun part of the look
SHORTS- 200rs
TOP- 50rs
and obviously, my chain, shades and sneakers can be washed and reused .

WELL, apart from this I just want you to read my pictures more than my text so I have just written a short and crisp article. 

KEY TIP : Apply oil and lotion for hair and skin care

For today, that's it . If you want me to enhance your style ,you can contact me on my email stylerunway22@gmail.com

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So my friends: be cool, be awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3  

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