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Knowledge Time:
The word tomboy came in the late 1500s when the word was was used to describe, a bold-spirited woman. It came back as a trend in the twentieth century and has been liked by people since that time and again.
So my post for the day is:  
My Look #My Style
What’s it like to be a tomboy daughter, when your parents want to treat you like a princess dressed up all glittery and pinky?
Well luckily my parents love me the way I am, not so pinky, not so glittery, not so pampered nor too girly like my sister…guess one tomboyish person in a family could be accepted  :P
I never loved those frilly cute dresses or heels …my dad always loved me with shoes  and sporty cargos but soon I realized  I actually love heels as they make me look taller….but what I couldn’t resist was my tomboyishness.

Sneak Peak#The Look
In this look, I opted for my favorite winter leather jacket, with military print oversized summer top and paired it with black denim and black boots.
Do you feel that there is too much black is in the air…well.. well.My love for black colour can’t be taken away…from a black dress to black shoes to black jewellery to a black nail paint…name it and I have them all in my wardrobe…
So, by know you have gotta know my look is more dark and bold.
As I told you in my last post-Gold is my all time favorite… 
I chose to wear a gold watch and a sling with the gold chain and also my sexy shades.

Store Time#Shopping

Jacket- Forever 21
Military Print Top -Forever21
Denim - vibe
Boots - Liberty
Sling- Gifted

Wrapping It Up
You can carry this in the day time or even for dinners..suits any body type...Thus, it suits one and all…
Well if you just have this look as your statement style...You gotta tag me on insta (stylerunway22) with your amazing tomboy look.And if you wanna check out some more tomboy looks…follow me on pinterest.
For now, that’s it, will come back with more looks.
Keep reading, and do feel free to ask questions. You can visit my Facebook page…inbox me or you can also mail me.

So my girls: Stay beautiful, Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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