Bye Bye winter

Two looks to say bye winters. I love winters and so some part of me is sad that winters 
are going but some part of me is excited for the S/S 16 trends and the most colourful season
 of the year 'spring'.So today I’m showing you a few of my favourite's from forever 21. 
You gotta shop from forever 21 and H & M if you are a crazy trend follower or an experimental person, 
I just love these brands as they have very cheap and amazing collection.

So my post for the day is:  
My First Look#Winter Style: I have layered this forever 21 coat 
with a colourful cute dress and  the LOOK is just perfect for both, 
the day and the evening look, it's kinda cute. Let me  tell you I am just
 crazy about winter coats all kinds long.. short ..fur ..blah .... 
and I m a sucker for shoes this brown block heels sneakers are so damn cool.
No jewellery as I wanted to keep the look simple with only one accessory and 

that's this cute forever 21 cap, OMG my whole attire is from forever 21 :P





My Second Look#Lets Go TO Work: This look gives me a feel of a cosy, comfy and
 smart work's really simple with a denim and another forever 21 black 
coat with simple sheer white top and black shoes.These shoes are quite different
 and kinda vintage look that's why I just love them :D so  I  have added a Single 
Line  beaded necklace just to take it to
 the little formal and edgy level.

Wrapping It Up

What do you think about both the looks?
For now, that’s it, will come back with more looks.
Keep reading, and do feel free to ask questions. You can visit on my Facebook page…inbox me or you can also mail me.

So my girls: Stay beautiful, Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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