The Turban look

A headgear is definitely a statement accessory , that one can experiment with. A turban is one such headgear  that is gives a bold style that you can carry with beautiful accessories and loud makeup but on the other hand you can go really casual and simple while making a statement look . You must have seen these  worn by pretty princess and the people of the fashion industry…What if you see them worn by a layman walking on the streets .You will definitely turn around and have a look.What say ?

Well….What would you say about the headgear adorned by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the city-part 2? 

Beautiful it looked. J

                                           Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the city-part 2

Now talking about my look- in winters instead of covering my head with a cute beanies I prefer carrying a fashion headgear -the epitome of style and glamour and I loveeee it .

In this look I chose a long cape which makes me look taller as I have broad shoulders and a broader waist. My waist is broader than my top so I have a triangle body type with short but cute height . Wearing long capes or dresses always helps make one look taller and slimmer. You can add on the look with kitten heals…wedges or platform heals- easy peasy yet sexy.well all my colours were dark so I chose a pink high-neck to brighten up a little and pink colour always adds a blush on my face (as I have a pale skin type) Gold is my all time favourite as it goes with every attire and I love it….so a gold watch and neck-piece made my look perfect. 
That’s all for now..Got to go…
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So my girls : Stay beautiful , Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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