Measure Your Body Type

For measuring your body type ,you need :

1.A measuring tape ( with inches side )
2. A paper

Guys please don’t depend on internet body type  calculators  its better you measure it yourself .
Before you start please wear something fitted something, conforming  to your body shape may be something like inner wear and leggings  and also make sure don’t wear a bra  because you don’t want to get the wrong measurements by wearing a  padded or some  push up  bra.
So after getting the bust measurement .
Measure your waist  but here a lot of people get confused  where this area is  on the belly  button or below but its actually above the belly button, so to know the right place put your hands on the sides, feel where is  your rib cage and where your rib cage ends that’s the smallest  part of your waist so measure that. 

After measuring your bust , waist and  bottom 
write them down on a paper for comparison.

If its  34 30 38  that means you have a fuller bottom defined waist  and smaller bust  so it’s a pear shape .

If its  30 26 30 that means you have same measurements for  bottom, waist  and bust  so it’s a lean body type .

If it’s  38 34 30 that means you have a fuller bust defined waist  and smaller hips  so it’s a strawberry  shape .

If it’s 34 28 34 that means it’s an hour glass  same bust and waist measurements  means a perfect body type .

And if there’s a lot of difference between your waist and  bottom , bust like 40 – 28 -40  , you are full hour glass.

So these are just an example so its depends on your measurements .Hope it will help you guys to know which shape you are, Still if you find some problem in measuring, you can always contact me on Facebook , email , twitter .

  • Key tip   –  for measurements  always make sure  the difference between  your  waist and bottom is 8 or more than  8 inches .If its less then that means your body is rectangular shape and your waist is not well defined .

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So my girls : Stay beautiful , Stay awesome And  Be confident   ;) <3<3

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